Industrial facilities are major investments. They are created by showing a detailed progress from the idea process. They are planned to create a long-term efficient working environment and adapt to the competitive environment. Important factors affecting the productivity of the enterprise; a good definition of the process of the enterprise, the selection of equipment in this direction, determining the appropriate conditions of the land can be listed as. Unplanned projects are inevitable to have bad results that will reduce productivity and cost. Any point you will miss in this process may cause a loss of time and money due to incorrect planning along with a missing project.

Factors That Will Add Value To Your Industrial Buildings

The architectural designs created as a result of the good programming of the industrial designs that will create a brand value according to the place, can contribute to the value of the company. However, it is also important to establish with the use of recycled materials, the effective use of natural resources, the destruction of waste (especially industrial ones) produced by the structure, and whether the materials used contribute to energy savings. In other words, the sensitivity of companies to environmental sensitivity is another factor that will add value to them.

Industrial Structures Implementation Phase

After the planning of large projects such as industrial structures has been solved; The implementation phase is another stage that requires dedication and contributes to efficiency. The stages mentioned in the first paragraph; a good definition of the process of the enterprise, the selection of equipment in this direction, determining the land by considering the appropriate conditions; in the application while maintaining the validity of the subject further. The employer requires that the design of the industrial structures be in a level that will meet the production processes in the future. This could make things a little more difficult. The decision phase of the project will be created with the architect, engineer and investor. As a result of the requirements of the architecture to be implemented with the cooperation of the engineers, the final decisions are made at first considering the economic reasons. With economic concerns, the investor wants the most productive on time and price basis. In this direction, in general, to make a scan; preferences are directed to those with steel bearing systems. Steel bearing systems are preferred near all production facilities. Although this preference for administrative buildings is slightly reduced and reinforced; As the acquaintance with the steel carrier increases, the ratio of reinforced concrete is greatly reduced. With the increase in knowledge of steel, this material is the most preferred. Because steel; highly preferred material compared to its competitors in terms of meeting the desired efficiency.

Benefits That New Technologies Provide

As a result of industrialization, the development of production capabilities also leads to an increase in industrial construction practices with the evolving technology. In the industry now; There is an understanding that systems with intelligent solutions, fast production, earthquake resistant, robust, maintenance-free, easy-to-build, environmentally friendly, portable and economical systems have won the race. The winner of this race is undoubtedly the use of steel. Together with the developing technology, steel construction techniques are changing. Galvanized structural profiles produced by CNC automatic production lines, which can now be used without touching; It is produced by cold forming and assembled with no welding connection. This situation provides the desired efficiency steel is the winner of the race.

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