What does refugee mean?

The person identified as a refugee; is a person who loses his trust in his own state by feeling under pressure because of race, religion, social position, political opinion or national identity in his country and leaves his country with the opinion that his state will not behave impartial to him, asks for asylum in another country and this request is accepted by that country.

What does defector mean?

An defector is defined as; the person who has left his country for the above reasons and has not yet accepted the asylum request tal ve kaç by the authorities of the country where he has escaped.

What does immigrant mean?

Immigrant; most of the time for economic reasons, leaving his own country in accordance with his own request to another country, he is the person who settles with the knowledge and permission of the country authorities.

What does illegal immigrant mean?

Illegal immigrants are people who are living without permission from the authorities of that country.

We often encounter asylum-seeker / refugee news that are migrating, moving and growing in different forms from different countries and geographies in many parts of the world. The refugee crisis is now global. There are millions of displaced people because of war and conflict in their country. As a result of the war in Syria, the rate showed a great leap. 12 million people, half of the pre-war Syrian population; After the beginning of the civil war in Syria (March 2011), they leave their homes and come to the country they do not know and try to continue their lives as temporary guests. If we look at the proportion of asylum seekers/refugees in Turkey; 5 million Syrians seem to have abandoned their country since the crisis in their country. What the official records tell us is that; 2.5 million of them continue to live in Turkey. Of course these data are said at the end of 2015. Today, we see that the number of Syrian refugees that are not included in official records exceeds 3.5 million.
These displaced people migrate with the demand of others to share their places. Residents of the immigrant country are convinced that they will not attempt to touch their living standards. Refugees living in refugee camps and towns where they settle as guests begin to become a spatial element affecting the city. They are creating common spaces and fictions as a part of society. This situation is multidimensional and can be considered as an equation with many variables. They gain an urban identity of the place they migrate. This is debating how good the results are for the people they share both themselves and their countries. Because the refugees’ sheltering standards affect not only them but also the inhabitants of the city. The countries where they seek shelter at a point where they can obtain are entering the road of establishing a camp area for refugees. There are many refugee camps around the world. Numbers and sizes; however, refugee camps with varying quality of life…

Mülteci Sorunu ve Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - APEC Blog
Mülteci Sorunu ve Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - APEC Blog

Today there are refugee camps that can be considered as regular. You can see a huge infrastructural burden arises for the host countries. In these camps, which have a light of hope for people who have fled as a result of a disaster, not being able to turn this light on is becoming a duty for the host countries. It is clear that they have a responsibility to make safe, low-cost and sustainable shelters. It is necessary to create a system that is not big enough and ready for further growth. There are many factors such as deadly disease, germ and violence to fight this order. We can easily say that the camps created for permanent use require a different layout than the city designs.

Container Resolutions

In the light of all these factors; It is fast, practical, low cost and the most possible method to sustain the container option. In today’s housing problem, the preferred container systems offer solutions that can be described as unlimited. Flexible design and production, factory or field mountability; easy installation, easy transport and re-use. Providing space for refugee families can be considered as the best solution for building a housing concept. In addition to residential areas, space solutions that meet the basic needs of the user such as health, education, communication can also be provided with containers.