Steel Construction Home and Living Area Projects

Acil Yaşam Üniteleri Hollanda Projesi

Emergency Settlements NL


Porto Riko Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - Afet Konteynerları

Emergency Settlements

Puerto Rico, U.S.A.

Azerbaycan BP Yemekhane Projesi


Baku, Azerbaijan

Acil Yaşam Üniteleri Projesi - Hamburg Germany

Emergency Settlements

Hamburg - Germany

Millennium Suites Hotel


Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - Berlin Germany

Emergency Settlements

Berlin - Germany

Emergency Settlements


Social Housing Projects


APEC, Turkey and the world in general mild steel which was built in the 5 continents are viewing the construction of housing and habitat projects. With the modern architectural design and industrial engineering and R & D combination in the field of steel, it can realize all stages of design, manufacturing, transportation and assembly from a single source. We are offering solutions for steel container construction site structures and similar projects that see the function of life and refectory.