Acil Yaşam Üniteleri Hollanda Projesi

Emergency Settlements NL

Porto Riko Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - Afet Konteynerları

Emergency Settlements

Azerbaycan BP Yemekhane Projesi


Acil Yaşam Üniteleri Projesi - Hamburg Germany

Emergency Settlements

Millennium Suites Hotel

Acil Yaşam Üniteleri - Berlin Germany

Emergency Settlements

Emergency Settlements

Social Housing Projects

APEC is the focus of choice in the design and manufacturing of conveyor systems for your steel houses, whose designs and static calculations are designed by architects and engineers in the forefront of comfort, aesthetics and safety. The main bearing structures are made of galvanized stainless steel construction systems, and they offer you safe construction models with a fast production and installation in your individual or mass housing projects.