Modular Container

APEC Smart Steel Structures engineers and manufactures high quality, galvanized steel modular containers in its production facilities in Turkey.

APEC’S modular container frames are made with galvanized steel, which is produced in roll forming CNC machines that enable a very fast production.

ModularContainer 1

As a result of its high capacity CNC machinery, APEC is able to quickly produce and ship large orders of containers directly from its factory worldwide.

ModularContainer 2

Galvanized steel differentiates APEC Modular Containers from others in terms of robustness and quality as well as making it corrosion free and sustainable. 

Electrostatic coated steel frame of container results in superior solutions with maximum durability.

ModularContainer 3

All the materials that go into the production of APEC Modular Containers, such as steel, sandwich panels, flooring, cement board, doors and Windows are CE marked. 

The engineering is made in accordance with DIN norms and Eurocode static calculations. APEC’s containers are ready to be swiftly exported to all European countries.

ModularContainer 4

APEC’S Modular Container does not require any welding, it is demountable, modular, and can be custom configured according to your specifications.

ModularContainer 5

Containers can be designed to be suitable for all climates and it has many cladding, roof, floor insulation options.

ModularContainer 6

The containers can be stacked up up to three levels.

ModularContainer 7

Containers can be shipped from our production facilities in monoblock, flat pack or fully demountable form.

ModularContainer 9

APEC can provide, if requested, transportation and on-site assembly.

ModularContainer 8

APEC’s modular containers can be designed for living, working, sanitary, or dormitory purposes.

ModularContainer 10

APEC’s modular containers have been chosen by many European countries including Germany and Holland for refugee housing due to their quality, high production capacity and speed.

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