The general trend in the construction sector in our country; The initial investment cost of the buildings is low, meaning that the profit to be invested is high. But there are also situations in which this request is distorted from its purpose. As the energy costs of the buildings increase very much, that is, the cost of life period increases … Many countries around the world use steel as a weapon to fight this situation. Actually Turkey, despite ranking 11th in the world in steel production, only 5% of structural steel used in construction in the country. If we realize that the purpose of the buildings is to provide a productive living space to the user before making money for the investor, we will cooperate more with steel. We must be a little more intimate with steel to increase the likelihood of cooperation.

Steel Structures

Steel structures have two different types of carrier systems as a method of construction. First; the steel skeleton system constructed by using hot rolled heavy steel rolling profiles; cold bending are wall and floor carriers built using thin-walled profiles. In the article, we will focus on the light steel, which is the second of these two carrier systems.

Light Steel Structures

Light steel has higher resistance than other bearing systems. In order to obtain basic properties such as resistance to the system, the two surfaces are coated with zinc – this process is called galvanizing – thin-walled steel sheets are bent by the cold forming method and formed into a carrier profile. It is named as “Light Steel” because it is thin and light steel section. It is a fast, time saving system that allows sound, heat and moisture insulation. It is possible to say that it is the best system to reach the goal in today’s sustainability agenda among building materials.

Hafif Çelik Yapı Sistemleri - APEC Blog
İsrail’de çelik strüktür kullanılarak yapılan bir yapı – © images.adsttc.com
Hafif Çelik Yapı Sistemleri - APEC Blog
Aynı yapının strüktür diagramı – © images.adsttc.com

Progress of Light Steel Structures in the Industry

The introduction of light steel profiles into the building industry has been with the automotive, train, and aircraft industries long before the construction sector. Then, it has taken its place in the sector as a result of the light material need arising from interior partition elements and roof systems. In the following years, in the areas of industrial buildings and recreation; It has become widespread for simple structure and overlay systems. Since the light steel frame system is similar to the wooden skeleton construction system and it is more advantageous in many points compared to the wood, wood has started to be used. In this industrialized system, the carriers are separated as main and intermediate elements. The system works as a wall-tile. That is, the carrier elements are positioned at regular intervals between the walls and floors. These are connected to each other by some horizontal elements and special connections, making walls and floors a carrier. The outer cladding of the skeleton formed in this way is made by attaching the wooden panels. This operation is the same as the wooden system installation method, but because the steel material is more durable, flexible and modern than wood, it has taken the lead in today’s conditions. When we look at the same axis today, we can see a wide range of use, from tin cans to structural piles. Light steel, produced by cold bending method, has become an indispensable building material by facilitating our lives in all areas of modern life.

Light Steel Systems and Earthquake

Our current construction system, light steel, began to be used in our country after the earthquake of 17 August 1999. After this great destruction, new production techniques were introduced with the slogan “earthquake resistant ”. The light steel construction system has survived to this day and has reached to the present day with the increase in demand and production potential. This system attracts attention in the market and to reach today, thanks to many factors that make our lives easier. Some of these factors; mild state of being which takes its name, the availability mounted quickly produced and easy thanks to the availability systematized, without waste to create a clean site environment, Turkey is that it has the appropriate pricing enough to be competitive in comparison cost conditions with the shining star of reinforced concrete in the construction sector. It is possible to say that we have been unfair to the steel in our country, which still does not have as much space as it should be…