Design in Industrial Buildings

Doğan Tekeli is, one of the first architects of nature makes the building industry in Turkey, in an interview with ” … industrial structure is so excited … It has to be economic, it must be done quickly; structural innovations may be needed … He said these words while he was building his first factory in 1968. There was no factory at those years. The architects of the city are familiar with this structure design. Tekeli is one the first person actually… The country is trying to provide employment, to develop the economy and to reach the welfare level of its people. It’s very important to have own industry for a country’s economy. Industrial structures should be made for industrialization. In fact, architectural works related to industrial structures; the same as the project work on other issues; but there are some points that leave. Tekeli summed up is actually “structural innovations must be economical and must be done fast” This order is actually the same as the stages of architectural project design, but for industrial structures there is also a share that can be shaped according to changing requirements.

Factors Affecting Design

Well, what are we talking about when saying “industrial structure and its requirements” First of all, let’s determine them. E.g; factories, warehouses, hangars, workshops; agriculture and animal husbandry, aerospace, automotive or sports halls, retail sector… If you need to share these different headings under one roof and share them in a common denominator, they are all big buildings. They all need large openings and empty spaces on their floors. They want free space because the products are large. Let’s simulate a basketball or volleyball field. An average floor space of 20-25 m is available. We can include the need that we have listed in the previous paragraph into the functional one. In addition, we can say that in order to find solutions to the volumetric problems of the structure, it is necessary to know the type, process and equipment of the production to be accommodated; for example, to be shaped according to the dimensions of the vehicles and equipment to be located, it is essential to pay attention to possible capacity increases.

Appropriate Structure Selection For Desings

After the determination of the functional needs, a final decision must be made at the point reached; structure and material selection or determination of the construction elements, the structure of horizontal and vertical direction of the structure of the functional needs of the desired structure selection, the structure of the production process, according to the technical requirements of the structure of the arrangement and implementation of the structure. The structural parts of the structure prepared in steel construction applications are prepared in one piece. The connections of the prepared parts are considered and processed. A production takes place for the points to be connected. All these ready parts are assembled in the field. This technique results in quick assembly and economic gain. Another advantage of the technique is the use of corrosion-resistant materials that will not require maintenance according to the place for the long-term strength of the building and the continuity of the economic gain. The weld-free bolts of the connections bring together the advantages of being removable, movable, being able to enlarge in the axis of necessity and being aesthetic.

Now, if you need to make a choice in line with these articles, consider a large factory project and the big machines in this factory. at this point, what is it that we need?

  • Large open areas
  • Feet as small as and as possible
  • Administrative office and similar divisions as needed

If we repeat the words of Doğan Tekeli again, it should be economical, fast, structural innovation and open to add-ons. If we look at the following items that offer good solutions to these needs;

  • Up to 40 meters clearance
  • Beam solutions that will reduce the feet to the floor,
  • Economical with low material consumption,
  • Aesthetics thanks to thin sections,
  • Can be removed and fixed with no welding connection,
  • An easy setup is required by combining the ready parts in a jigsaw puzzle.